Thursday, December 28, 2006

Shape2Earth: Getting Started

Shape2Earth does not require the purchase of any additional GIS software or licenses. The only things needed are Shape2Earth, Google Earth, MapWindow GIS (a free and open source program) and the shapefile data you want to view.

(NOTE: If you have any previous Shape2Earth Betas, they should be un-installed prior to installing Shape2Earth Version 1.0).

Shape2Earth does require:
1. MapWindow
2. Microsofts .NET Framework 2.0
3. Google Earth

Once you have installed MapWindow and have it working, download the Shape2Earth Install Package. Shape2Earth will need to be located in the 'Plugin' folder underneath the MapWindow install (usually located at C:\Program Files\MapWindow\Plugins\shape2earth, but could be elsewhere depending on your installation of MapWindow).

After you have run the Shape2Earth installation, you will need to activate it from the MapWindow Plug-ins menu. Once activated, Shape2Earth will be visible as a menu in MapWindow.

Shape2Earth will run in a fully functional evaluation mode for 14 days. After this, it will run in a degraded mode until is has been purchased and activated with a valid license key.

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Anew said...

I use Shape2Earth with MapWindow and exported 54 buildings but 2-3 of them missing when shown on Google Earth.I think about the number limitation for exportation but when I deleaded some of them ,it still missing. And the missing building is depend on the ordering of the feature name,too.How Should I do?

Sabin21 said...

If possible, I could look at the shapefile to see if there are any issues. Just email all files to

Scott said...

Check out the shape files here:

Your tool chokes on them

Sabin21 said...

I was able to get it to work, but you have to let it run for a while. The Alaska feature in this shapefile has way too many points, and needs to be simplified. In the final KML, Alaska will not be visible, since there are over 70,000 points in its boundary (there’s a point about every 5 feet). KML polygons in Google Earth do not function correctly over about 54,000.
If you smooth the shapefile, or remove Alaska, it will work find.

achukwuocha said...

I installed shape2earth in the plugin folder of MapWindow but when I do not see it in the plugin of mapwindow or even anywhere in mapwindow. What can I do to resolve the problem?

Sabin21 said...

It is best to install the bundled version of Shape2Earth and MapWindow from

The plugin only works correctly with MapWindow 32 bit version 4.7. Also check to make sure it is selected under the plug-ins menu in MapWindow to activate it.